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Past Phi Zeta Award Recipients and Titles


Basic: Emily E. Binversie

Institution: University of Wisconsin - Madison 

Manuscript: Analysis of copy number variation in dogs implicates genomic structural variation in the development of anterior cruciate ligament rupture. (2020) PLoS ONE 15(12): e0244075.

Authors: Emily E. Binversie, Lauren A. Baker, Corinne D. Engelman, Zhengling Hao, John J. Moran, Alexander M. Piazza, Susannah J. Sample, Peter Muir

Clincal: Laura A. Constance (tie)

Institution: Kansas State University

Manuscript: Gut microbiome associations with outcome following co-infection with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) and porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) in pigs immunized with a PRRS modified live virus vaccine. Veterinary Microbiology 254 (2021) 109018. 

Authors: Laura A. Constance, James B. Thissen, Crystal J. Jaing, Kevin S. McLoughlin, Raymond R.R. Rowland, Nick V.L. Serão, Ada G. Cino-Ozuna, Megan C. Niederwerder

Clinical: Kelsey A. Jurek (tie)

Institution: Oklahoma State University

Manuscript: Effect of Perfusate Volume on Amikacin Concentrations After Saphenous Intravenous Regional Limb Perfusion in Standing, Sedated Horses. Veterinary Surgery (2022) 51(4): 665-673.

Authors: Kelsey A. JurekMike J. SchoonoverMegan R. WilliamsPratyaydipta Rudra

*With generous support from Mars Veterinary Health, a division of Mars Petcare


Basic: Joy Tomlinson

Institution: Cornell University

Manuscript: Tropism, pathology, and transmission of equine parvovirus-hepatitis. Emerging Microbes & Infections (2020) 9:1, 651-663, DOI: 10.1080/22221751.2020.1741326.

Authors: Joy Ellen Tomlinson, Mason Jager, Alyssa Struzyna, Melissa Laverack, Lisa Ann Fortier, Edward Dubovi, Lane D. Foil, Peter D. Burbelo, Thomas J. Divers & Gerlinde R. Vande Walle

Clinical: Pablo Jimenez Castro 

Institution: University of Georgia

Manuscript: Multiple drug resistance in the canine hookworm Ancylostoma caninum: an emerging threat?  Parasites & Vectors (2019) 12:576,

Authors: Pablo D. Jimenez Castro, Sue B. Howell, John J. Schaefer, Russell W. Avramenko, John S. Gilleard & Ray M. Kaplan



Basic: Lee-Jae "Jack" Guo

Institution: Texas A&M University

Manuscript: Natural History of Cardiomyopathy in Adult Dogs With Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy. Journal of the American Heart Association (J Am Heart Assoc. 2019;8:e012443. DOI: 10.1161/JAHA.119.012443)

Authors: Lee-Jae Guo, DVM, MS; Jonathan H. Soslow, MD; Amanda K. Bettis, BS; Peter P. Nghiem, DVM, PhD; Kevin J. Cummings, DVM, PhD;Mark W. Lenox, PhD; Matthew W. Miller, DVM, MS; Joe N. Kornegay, DVM, PhD; Christopher F. Spurney, MD

Clinical: Mary Thurber

Institution: University of California at Davis

Manuscript: Reference Intervals for Acute Phase Proteins for Koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus) at the San Diego Zoo. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine (50(3):735-738. URL: https//

Authors: Mary Irene Thurber, Cora Singleton, Carolyn Cray


Basic:  Alyssa Sullivant

Institution:  Mississippi State University

Manuscript:  Identification of histamine receptors in the canine gastrointestinal tract.  Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology (2016) 182, 29-36.

Authors:  A Sullivant, A Mackin, T Pharr, J Cooley, R Wills, T Archer

Clinical:  Daniel K. Newhard

Institution:  Auburn University

Manuscript:  A prospective, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of sacubitril/valsartan (Entresto) in dogs with cardiomegaly secondary to myxomatous mitral valve disease.  Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine (2018) 32, 1555-1563.

Authors:  DK Newhard, S Jung, RL Winter, SH Duran



Basic:  Jamie Stewart 

Institution:  University of Illinois

Manuscript:  Nerve growth factor-beta, purified from bull seminal plasma, enhances corpus luteum formation and conceptus development in Bos taurus cows. Theriogenology (2018) 106, 30-38.

Authors:  JL Stewart, VRG Mercadante, NW Dias, IF Canisso, P Yau, B Imai, FS Lima

Clinical:   M.L. Byrum

Institution:  University of Illinois

Manuscript:  Downregulation of CXCR4 expression and functionality after zoledronate exposure in canine osteosarcoma. J Vet Intern Med (2016) 30, 1187-1196.

Authors:  ML Byrum, HC Pondenis, RL Fredrickson, KL Wycislo, TM Fan


Basic:  Ronald Li

Institution:  University of California

Manuscript:  Platelet activation and clopidogrel effects on ADP-induced platelet activation in cats with or without the A31P mutation in MYBPC3. J Vet Intern Med (2016) 30, 1619-1629.

Authors: RH Li, JA Stern, V Ho, F Tablin, SP Harris

Clinical:  Alycen Lundberg

Institution:  University of Illinois

Manuscript: Pharmacokinetics and derivation of an anticancer dosing regimen for the novel anti-cancer agent isobutyl-dexoynyboquinone (IB-DNQ), a NQO1 bioactivatable molecule, in the domestic felid species. Invest New Drugs (2017) 35, 134-144. 

Authors:  AP Lundberg, JM Francis, M Pajak, EI Parkinson, KL Wycislo, TJ Rosol, ME Brown, CA London, L Dirikolu, PJ Hergenrother, TM Fan


Basic:  Elizabeth Lennon

Institution:  University of Tennessee

Manuscript:  Early life stress triggers persistent colonic barrier dysfunction and exacerbates colitis in adult IL-10-/- mice. Inflamm Bowel Dis (2013) 19(4), 712-719.

Authors: EM Lennon, N Maharshak, H Elloumi, L Borst, SE Plevy, AJ Moeser

Clinical:  Steven G. Friedenberg

Institution:  North Carolina State University

Manuscript:  Evaluation of a DLA-79 allele associated with multiple immune-mediated diseases in dogs. Immunogenetics (2016) 68(3), 205-17.

Authors:  SG Friedenberg, G Buhrman, L Chdid, NJ Olby, T Olivry, J Guillaumin, T O'Toole, R Goggs, LJ Kennedy, RB Rose, KM Meurs


Basic:  Freya Mowat

Institution:  North Carolina State University

Manuscript: Tyrosine capsid-mutant AAV vectors for gene delivery to the canine retina from a subretinal or intravitreal approach.  Gene Therapy (2014) 21, 96–105. 

Authors: FM Mowat, KR Gornik, A Dinculescu, SL Boye, WW Hauswirth, SM Petersen-Jones and JT Bartoe


Clinical:  Samantha Parkinson

Institution:  University of Tennessee

Manuscript: Evaluation of the effect of orally administered acid suppressants on intragastric pH in cats.  J Vet Intern Med (2015) 29(1), 104-112.  

Authors: S. Parkinson, K. Tolbert, K. Messenger, A. Odunayo, M. Brand, G. Davidson, E. Peters, A. Reed, and M.G. Papich



Basic:  Kevin S. Donnelly

Institution: University of Missouri

Manuscript: Decorin-PEI nanoconstruct attenuates equine corneal fibroblast differentiation.  Veterinary Ophthalmology (2014) 17(3), 162-169. 

Authors: KS Donnelly, EA Giuliano, A Sharma, A Tandon, JT Rodier, and RR Mohan

Clinical:  Jaime L. Tarigo

Institution:  North Carolina State University

Manuscript: A novel candidate vaccine for cytauxzoonosis inferred from comparative apicomplexan genomics. PLOSOne ( (2013) 8(8), e71233. 

Authors: JL Tarigo, EH Scholl, DM Bird, CC Brown, LA Cohn, GA Dean, MG Levy, DL Doolan, A Trieu, SK Nordone, PL Felgner, A Vigil, AJ Birkenheuer


Basic:  Josephine S. Gnanandarajah

Institution:  University of Minnesota

Manuscript: Comparative faecal microbiota of dogs with and without calcium oxalate stones. Journal of Applied Microbiology (2012) 113, 745-756.

Authors: JS Gnanandarajah, TJ Johnson, HB Kim, JE Abrahante, JP Lulich, MP Murtaugh

Clinical:  Kathleen Ivester

Institution: Purdue University

Manuscript: Variability in particulate concentrations in a horse training barn over time. Equine Veterinary Journal (2012)44 suppl.43 (2012) 51-56. 

Authors: KM Ivester, K Smith, GE Moore, NJ Zimmerman, LL Couëtilt


Basic:  Craig Miller

Institution:  Colorado State University

Manuscript: Strain-specific viral distribution and neuropathology of feline immunodeficiency virus. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology (2011) 143(3-4), 282– 291.

Authors:  C Miller, H Bielefeldt-Ohmannb, M MacMillana, S Huitron-Resendizc, S Henriksend, J Eldere, S VandeWoudea

Clinical:  J.H. Burton

Institution:  Colorado State University

Manuscript: Low-dose cyclophosphamide selectively decreases regulatory T cells and inhibits angiogenesis in dogs with soft tissue sarcoma. J Vet Intern Med (2011) 25, 920–926. 

Authors: JH Burton, L Mitchell, DH Thamm, SW Dow, and BJ Biller


Basic:  Chelsea K. Martin

Institution: The Ohio State University 

Manuscript: Zoledronic acid reduces bone loss and tumor growth in an orthotopic xenograft model of osteolytic oral squamous cell carcinoma. Cancer Res (2010) 70(21), 8607-16. 

Authors: CK Martin, JL Werbeck, NK Thudi, LG Lanigan, TD Wolfe, RE Toribio, TJ Rosol

Clinical:  Ashlee E. Watts 

Institution:  Cornell University

Manuscript:  Fetal derived embryonic-like stem cells improve healing in a large animal flexor tendonitis model. Stem Cell Res Ther (2011) 2(1), 4. 

Authors: AE Watts, AE Yeager, OV Kopyov, AJ Nixon


Basic:  Parthiban Rajasekaran

Institution:  Virginia Tech University

Manuscript: Brucella abortus strain RB51 leucine auxotroph as an environmentally safe vaccine for plasmid maintenance and antigen overexpression. Appl Environ Microbiol (2008) 74(22), 7051-5.

Authors: P Rajasekaran,  MN Seleem, A Contreras, E Purwantini, GG Schurig, N Sriranganathan, SM Boyle

Clinical: Jessica Lawrence

Institution: University of Wisconsin

Manuscript: Use of 3′-deoxy-3′-[18F]fluorothymidine PET/CT for evaluating response to cytotoxic chemotherapy in dogs with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Vet Radiol Ultrasound (2009) 50(6), 660-8.

Authors: J Lawrence, M Vanderhoek, D Barbee, R Jeraj, DB Tumas, DM Vail


Basic: Kristen Hobbie

Institution: North Carolina State University

Manuscript: Toward a molecular equivalent dose: Use of the medaka model in comparative risk assessment. Comp Biochem Physiol C Toxicol Pharmacol (2009) 149(2), 141-51.

Authors: K. Hobbie, AB Deangelo, LC King, RN Winn, JM Law

Clinical: Sriveny Dangoudoubiyam

Institution: Purdue University

Manuscript: PCR assays for detection of Bayliscaris procyonis eggs and larve. J Parasitol (2009) 95(3), 571-7.

Authors: S Dangoudoubiyam, R Vemulapalli, KR Kazacos



Basic: Kim Johnson

Institution:  University of Missouri

Manuscript: Galectin-3 as a potential therapeutic target in tumors arising from malignant endothelia. Neoplasia (2007) 9(8), 662–670.

Authors: K. Johnson, OV Glinskii, VV Mossine, JR Turk, TP Mawhinney, DC Anthony, CJ Henry, VH Huxley, GV Glinsky, KJ Pienta, A Raz, VV Glinsky

Clinical:  Patricia Sura

Institution:  University of Tennessee

Manuscript: Comparison of 99mTcO4 trans-splenic portal scintigraphy with per-rectal portal scintigraphy for diagnosis of portosystemic shunts in dogs. Vet Surg. (2007) 36(7), 654-60.

Authors: P Sura, KM Tobias, F Morandi, GB Daniel, RL Echandi



Basic: Jennifer Buur

Institution: North Carolina State University

Manuscript: Use of probabilistic modeling within a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model to predict sulfamethazine residue withdrawal times in edible tissues in swine. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (2006) 50(7), 2344–2351.

Authors: J Buur, R Baynes, G Smith, J Riviere

Clinical: DMW Schaefer

Institution: The Ohio State University

Manuscript: Quantification of plasma DNA as a prognostic indicator in canine lymphoid neoplasia. Vet Comp Oncol (2007) 5(3), 145-55.

Authors: DMW Schaefer, MA Forman, WC Kisseberth, AM Lehman, NT Kelbick, P Harper, LJ Rush



Basic: Charlie C. Hsu

Institution: University of Missouri

Manuscript: Development of a microsphere-based serologic multiplexed fluorescent immunoassay and a reverse transcriptase PCR assay to detect murine norovirus 1 infection in mice. Clin Diagn Lab Immunol (2005) 12(10), 1145-51.

Authors: CC Hsu, CE Wobus, EK Steffen, LK Riley, RS Livingston

Clinical: Natalie A. Carrillo

Institution: University of Florida

Manuscript: Disposition of orally administered cefpodoxime proxetil in foals and adult horses and minimum inhibitory concentration of the drug against common bacterial pathogens of horses. Am J Vet Res (2005) 66(1), 30-5.

Authors: NA Carrillo, S Giguère, RR Gronwall, MP Brown, KA Merritt, JJ O'Kelley



Basic: Sang Ho Cha

Institution: Iowa State University

Manuscript: Instability of the restriction fragment length polymorphism pattern of open reading frame 5 of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus during pig-to-pig passages. J Clin Microbiol (2004) 42(10), 4462-7.

Authors: SH Cha, CC Chang, KJ Yoon

Clinical: Mark W. Bohling

Institution: Auburn University

Manuscript: Cutaneous wound healing in the cat: A macroscopic description and comparison with cutaneous wound healing in the dog.  Vet Surg (2004) 33(6), 579-87.

Authors: MW Bohling, RA Henderson, SF Swaim, SA Kincaid, JC Wright



Basic: Anna K. Rotting

Institution: University of Illinois

Manuscript: Effects of acetylcysteine and migration of resident eosinophils in an in vitro model of mucosal injury and restitution in equine right dorsal colon. Am J Vet Res (2003) 64(10), 1205-12.

Authors: AK Rotting, DE Freeman, JA Eurell, PD Constable, M Wallig

Clinical: Erica C. McKenzie

Institution: Oklahoma State University

Manuscript: Effect of dietary starch, fat, and bicarbonate content on exercise responses and serum creatine kinase activity in equine recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis. J Vet Intern Med (2003) 17(5), 693-701.

Authors: EC McKenzie, SJ Valberg, SM Godden, JD Pagan, JM MacLeay, RJ Geor, GP Carlson



Basic: W. Daniel Mertens

Institution: Texas A&M University

Manuscript: Polysulphated glycosaminoglycans modulate transcription of interleukin-1B treated chondrocytes in monolayer cultures. Vet Comp Orthop Traumatol (2003) 16(02), 93-98.

Authors: WD Mertens, JN MacLeod, SL Fubini, M Vernier-Singer, AJ Nixon, RJ Todhunter

Clinical: Alison J. Patricelli

Institution: University of Wisconsin

Manuscript: Juvenile pubic symphysiodesis in dysplastic puppies at 15 and 20 weeks of age. Vet Surg (2002) 31(5), 435-44.

Authors: AJ Patricelli, RT Dueland, WM Adams, JP Fialkowski, KA Linn, EV Nordheim



Basic: C-C. Chang

Institution: Iowa State University

Manuscript: Evolution of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) during sequential passages in pigs. J Virol. (2002) 76(10), 4750-63.

Authors: CC Chang, KJ Yoon, JJ Zimmerman, KM Harmon, PM Dixon, CM Dvorak, MP Murtaugh

Clinical: Wesley T. Cook

Institution: Virginia Tech University

Manuscript: Influence of an interdental full pin on stability of an acrylic external fixator for rostral mandibular fractures in dogs. Am J Vet Res (2001) 62(4), 576-80.

Authors: WT Cook, MM Smith, MD Markel, JW Grant



Basic: Nigel B. Campbell

Institution: North Carolina State University

Manuscript: The role of cyclooxygenase inhibitors in repair of ischaemic-injured jejunal mucosa in the horse. Equine Vet J Suppl. (2000) 32, 59-64.

Authors: NB Campbell, AT Blikslager

Clinical: Kerry Barling

Institution: Texas A&M University

Manuscript: Association of serologic status for Neospora caninum with post-weaning weight gain and carcass measurements in beef calves.  J Am Vet Med Assoc (2000) 217(9), 1356-60.

Authors: K Barling, JW McNeill, JA Thompson, JC Paschal, FT McCollum 3rd, TM Craig, LG Adams



Basic: K. O. Chang

Institution: The Ohio State University

Manuscript: Dual infection of gnotobiotic calves with bovine strains of group A and porcine-like group C rotaviruses influences pathogenesis of the group C rotavirus.  J Virol (1999) 73(11), 9284-93.

Authors: KO Chang, PR Nielsen, LA Ward, LJ Saif

Clinical: Henri C. Bianucci

Institution: Virginia Tech University

Manuscript: Periodontal healing of canine experimental grade-III furcation defects treated with autologous fibrinogen and absorbable barrier membrane.  Am J Vet Res (1998) 59(10), 1329-38.

Authors: HC Bianucci, MM Smith, GK Saunders, MS Reddy, CF Cox, LG Till, BF Feldman



Basic: Xiaoping Zhu

Institution: University of Wisconsin

Manuscript: A chimeric protein comprised of bovine herpesvirus type 1 glycoprotein D and bovine interleukin-6 is secreted by yeast and possesses biological activities of both molecules.  Vaccine (1999) 17(3), 269-82.

Authors: X Zhu, S Wu, GJ Letchworth

Basic: Nathaniel D. Collins

Institution: The Ohio State University

Manuscript: Selective ablation of human T-cell lymphotrophic virus type 1 p12I reduces viral infectivity in vivo.  Blood (1998) 91(12), 4701-7.

Authors: ND Collins, GC Newbound, B Albrecht, JL Beard, L Ratner, MD Lairmore

Clinical: Gary S. Hogge

Institution: University of Wisconsin

Manuscript: Development of human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor-transfected tumor cell vaccines for the treatment of spontaneous canine cancer.  Hum Gene Ther (1998) 9(13), 1851-61.

Authors: GS Hogge, JK Burkholder, J Culp, MR Albertini, RR Dubielzig, ET Keller, NS Yang, EG MacEwen



Basic: Mark L. Lawrence

Institution: Louisiana State University

Manuscript: Attenuation, persistence, and vaccine potential of an Edwardsiella ictaluri purA mutant.  Infect Immun (1997) 65(11), 4642-51.

Authors: ML Lawrence, RK Cooper, RL Thune

Clinical: Lynn Guptill

Institution: Purdue University

Manuscript: Use of the urine cortisol: creatinine ratio to monitor treatment response in dogs with pituitary-dependent hyperadrenocorticism.  J Am Vet Med Assoc (1997) 210(8), 1158-61.

Authors: L Guptill, JC Scott-Moncrieff, G Bottoms, L Glickman, M Johnson, N Glickman, R Nelson, E Bertoy


1997 (First Year that Basic & Clinical Research Areas were separated)

Basic: Veera S. Perumaalla

Institution: Texas A & M University

Manuscript: Molecular epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis in Texas and Mexico.  J Clin Microbiol (1996) 34(9), 2066-71.

Authors: VS Perumaalla, LG Adams, JB Payeur, JL Jarnagin, DR Baca, F Suárez Güemes, TA Ficht

Clinical: Peter A. Graham

Institution: Michigan State University

Manuscript: How long do diabetic dogs live? Survival data analysis in small animal clinical research. 

Authors: PA Graham



Recipient: Thereasa M. Albers

Institution: Tufts University

Manuscript: Fate of polarized membrane components and evidence for microvillus disassembly on migrating enterocytes during repair of native intestinal epithelium. Lab Invest (1995) 73(1), 139-48.

Authors: TM Albers, I Lomakina, RP Moore

Recipient: Elizabeth A. Sabin

Institution: Cornell University

Manuscript: Early IL-4 production by non-CD4+ cells at the site of antigen deposition predicts the development of a T helper 2 cell response to Schisotmsoma mansoni eggs.  J Immunol (1995) 155(10), 4844-53.

Authors: EA Sabin, EJ Pearce



Recipient: Elisabeth Zenger

Institution: Texas A&M University

Manuscript: Laser cytometric analysis of FIV-induced injury in astroglia.  Glia (1995) 13(2), 92-100.

Authors: E Zenger, EW Collisson, R Barhoumi, RC Burghardt, IR Danave, E Tiffany-Castiglioni

Recipient: Mark D. Rolsma

Institution: University of Illinois

Manuscript: Assay for evaluation of rotavirus-cell interactions: Identification of an enterocyte ganglioside fraction that mediates Group A porcine rotavirus recognition.  J Virol (1994) 68(1), 258-68.

Authors: MD Rolsma, HB Gelberg, MS Kuhlenschmidt



Recipient: James B. Rottman

Institution: North Carolina State Univeristy

Manuscript: A reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction technique to measure expression of feline cytokine genes. Vet Immunol Immunopathol (1995) 45(1-2), 1-18.

Authors: JB Rottman, EB Freeman, S Tonkonogy, MB Tompkins

Recipient: Fushun Shi

Institution: University of Wisconsin

Manuscript: In vitro and in vivo effect of doxorubicine combined with liposome-encapsulated muramyl tripeptide on canine monocyte activation.  Cancer Res (1993) 53(17), 3986-91.

Authors: F Shi, EG MacEwen, ID Kurzman



Recipient: Kris T. Kruse-Elliott

Institution: North Carolina State University

Manuscript: CGS 8515 and indomethacin attenuate cytokine-induced cardiopulmonary dysfunction in pigs.  Am J Physiol (1993) 264(4 Pt 2), H1076-86.

Authors: KT Kruse-Elliot, NC Olson

Recipient: Bernhard Kaltenboeck

Institution: Louisiana State University

Manuscript: Two-step polymerase chain reactions and restriction endonuclease analyses detect and differentiate ompA DNA of Chlamydia species.  J Clin Microbiol (1992) 30(5), 1098-104.

Authors: B Kaltenboeck, KG Kousoulas, J Storz



Recipient: Debra Clabough Sellon

Institution: North Carolina State University

Manuscript: Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia in horses infected with equine infectious anemia virus.  J Virol (1991) 65(11), 6242-51.

Authors: DL Clabough, D Gebhard, MT Flaherty, LE Whetter, ST Perry, L Coggins, FJ Fuller

Recipient: Ariel L. Rivas

Institution: Cornell University

Manuscript: A canine febrile disorder associated with elevated interleukin-6.  Clin Immunol Immunopathol (1992) 64(1), 36-45.

Authors: AL Rivas, L Tintle, ES Kimball, J Scarlett, FW Quimby



Recipient: Peter R. Gray

Institution: Michigan State University

Manuscript: Epithelial strips: An alternate technique for examining arachidonate metabolism in equine tracheal epithelium.  Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol (1992) 6(1), 29-36.

Authors" PR Gray, FJ Derksen, NE Robinson, RF Slocombe, ML Peters-Golden

Recipient: William L. Donaldson

Institution: Cornell University

Manuscript: Invasive equine trophoblast expresses conventional class I major histocompatibility complex antigens.  Development (1990) 110(1), 63-71.

Authors: WL Donaldson, CH Zhang, JG Oriol, DF Antczak



Recipient: Kenneth W. Simpson

Institution: The Ohio State University

Manuscript: Biochemical changes in the jejunal mucosa of dogs with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency following pancreatic duct ligation.  Res Vet Sci (1989) 47(3), 338-45.

Authors: KW Simpson, DB Morton, SH Sørensen, L McLean, JE Riley, RM Batt

Recipient: Sheila M. F. Torres

Institution: University of Minnesota

Manuscript: Effect of oral prednisolone on thyroid function in dogs.  Am J Vet Res (1991) 52(3), 416-21.

Authors: SMF Torres, PJ McKeever, SD Johnston



Recipient: Paul D. Pion

Institution: University of California

Manuscript: Myocardial failure in cats associated with low plasma taurine: A reversible cardiomyopathy.  Science (1987) 237(4816), 764-8.

Authors: PD Pion, MD Kittleson, QR Rogers, JG Morris

Recipient: Mary M. Christoper

Institution: University of Minnesota

Manuscript: Contribution of propylene glycol-induced Heinz body formation to anemia in cats.  J Am Vet Med Assoc (1989) 194(8), 1045-56.

Authors: MM Christoper, V Perman, JW Eaton



Recipient: Richard A. Fayrer-Hosken

Institution: University of Georgia

Manuscript: Use of salt-stored zonae pellucidae for assessing rabbit sperm capacitation for in vitro fertilization.  Gamete Res (1987) 17(3), 191-201.

Authors: RA Fayrer-Hosken, BG Brackett

Recipient: K. A. A. Hussain

Institution: Louisiana State University

Manuscript: Antigenic analysis of equine infectious anemia virus (EIAV) variants by using monoclonal antibodies: Epitopes of glycoprotein gp90 of EIAV stimulating neutralizing antibodies.  J Virol (1987) 61(10), 2956-61.

Authors: KAA Hussain, CJ Issel, KL Schnorr, PM Rwambo, RC Montelaro



Recipient: Charles Anderson

Institution: University of California



Recipient: Brad Fenwick

Institution: Kansas State University

Manuscript: Mechanisms involved in the protection provided by immunization against core lipopolysaccharides of E coli (J5) from lethal Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae infections in swine.  Infect Immun (1986) 53, 298-304.

Authors: BW Fenwick, JS Cullor, BI Osburn, HJ Olander

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