IRS Filing Requirements



Each Phi Zeta chapter is required to e-file IRS Form 990N providing specific information about its tax exempt organization.  Each chapter's tax exempt status is conditional on annual filing of Form 990N.  Failure to file Form 990N three years in a row can cost a chapter its tax exempt status. 


The form 990N e-Postcard must be filed by the 15th day of the fifth month following the end of the organization's tax year.  For most chapters, the tax year runs from July 1st to June 30th, making November 15th the deadline for filing form 990N (filing period, 7/1 to 11/15).  Some chapters may operate on a January 1st to December 31st tax year, in which case the filing deadline is May 15th (filing period, 1/1 to 5/15).  The 990N e-forms, instructions, and other relevant links are available from the following website:  

This is a very simple process, and can be completed in just a few minutes.

The first time a chapter files a form 990N, a log-in is created. If you have done this previously for your chapter, you should be able to log in as an existing user. If not, you will have to enter your Chapter Tax ID #. If you are unsure of your chapter's Tax ID # (also known as an EIN) or have other questions, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer.